City of Gilbert Minnesota Police Department

The Gilbert Police Department consists of 6 fulltime officers plus the Chief of Police and provides 24 hour professional police services to the citizens of Gilbert and Biwabik. The Gilbert Police Department is a member of the Boundary Waters Drug Task Force. The primary office is located at 16 South Broadway in Gilbert and a substation located at 105 3rd Avenue North in Biwabik.

Collective Bargaining Agreement Between City of Gilbert & Law Enforcement Labor Services.

Gilbert Police Department
16 South Broadway
PO Box 548
Gilbert, MN 55741

(218) 748-2225 Office
(218) 748-2224 Fax

Gilbert Police Department
Biwabik Substation
105 3rd Ave. N.
Biwabik, MN 55708

(218) 865-4186 Office
(218) 748-2224 Fax

Link to Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan from St. Louis County:

Chiefs Message

On behalf of the staff at the Gilbert Police Department, I would like to welcome you to our Website!

The Gilbert Police Department is committed to providing exceptional public safety services by taking a leadership role in building community partnerships. The men and women of the department believe in the core values of honesty, integrity, accountability and ownership, consistency and fairness, creativity and innovation. We achieve this through positive attitude, teamwork, and a strong work ethic.

One goal of the Gilbert Police Department is to stay connected to the community that we serve. It is important that the community stays informed about what the Gilbert Police Department does and how the community members can assist us in being successful. Thank you for visiting our website and for helping us keep our community safe!

Chief Ty Techar

Police Department Auctions

The Gilbert Police Department currently uses to auction items seized through asset forfeiture.

Policies & Procedures

1 Use of Force

2 Public Assembly and 1st Amendment

3 Eyewitness Identification Procedure Policy

4 POST Allegations of Misconduct 2021 Revision

5 Professional-Conduct-of-Peace-Officers-Policy

6 Domestic-Abuse-Response-and-Arrest-Policy

7 Avoiding Racial Profiling POST Policy

8 Sexual Assault Investigation Policy

9 Response-to-Reports-of-Missing-and-Endangered-Persons

10 Predatory-Offender-and-Community-Notification-Model-Policy

11 Police-Pursuit-Model-Policy

12 Criminal-Conduct-on-School-Buses-Model-Policy

13 Lighting-Exemption-Model-Policy

14 Administrative Forfeitures

15 Confidential Informants Model Policy

16 Less Lethal Policy

17 Bola Wrap Policy

18 Naloxone DPD Policy and Procedure Revision 4-29-16

19 Taser Policy